Emergency Showers - Made in Sweden                         Represented in Switzerland by LaboSafe SA


GIA-Premix can also supply:

  • Shower cabins, for indoor or outdoor locations, heated and insulated, with or without tank, with or without warm water boiler. EX is also a possible option.
  • Safety mixers, specially designed and built for emergency showers, available for different flows for eyewashes, body showers or for multiple showers with a high flow.
  • Miscellaneous accessories and parts.

Only a few of our accessories are presented, as examples, below. We will publish more as product sheets are made available.

Our catalogues can further inform you.

There are products from our previous program which might not be available any more, being replaced by the products from the new 2019 program.

However, several products from previous program are still available. You can find the product sheets in English directly on the website of GIA-Premix in Sweden.

Send us an e-mail or give us a call and we will be happy to answer any question on availability, on price and delivery, as well as any technical or security related question.

To see or download a product sheet in French, click on the corresponding picture below:

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