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Since October 2019, a brand new program of emergency showers is available:

New 2019

In addition to the new shower heads, more compact and with a new design, in Acetal hard plastic, the new  2019 GIA-Premix shower program is exclusively and completely in stainless steel 1.4404, including the bowls and the lids of the eyewashes, painted  green, as well as all ball valves.

The product sheets of these new showers and products are now available in three languages, as well as our new catalogue.

Nouveau EyeSpray

Several improvements have been made to our EyeSpray first aid eyewashes:

– Square handle for better grip

– Magnetic secure closing

– Completely in Stainless steel

Previously, we proposed two models, one in Zinc coated steel, and one in stainless steel. Henceforth, only the latter is available, but at a more competitive price.

The new EyeSpray web site is currently preparation.

Nouvelles 4 buses

Several of our eyewashes are now equipped with 4 nozzles, allowing a flow of  20 l/min and a more efficient rinsing of the eyes and the face. Several of our eyewashes and of our combined showers are now fitted with these new nozzles.

The eyewashes with two nozzles, with a flow of 10 l/min, are still available and offer full security when a more important flow is not necessarily required.

The new 4-pages 2019 catalogue presents some of the  showers of this new program, and is now available for downloading, in three languages, English, French and German. You will find some of our brand new products in this new catalogue. 

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